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feat: Translations for grid related menu items

CICD requested to merge feature/gridv-52-grid-in-main-menu into develop

The new main menu items were added to the MAIN_MENU list in, like this:

    {"url": "/forecasts", "label": "Forecasts"},
        "label": _("Risk maps"),
        "child_items": [
                "url": "/spatial",
                "label": _("About risk maps"),
                "url": "/spatial/gridmap/SEPTREFHUM/",
                "label": _("Septoria reference humidity model"),
    {"url": "/observations", "label": "Observations"},
    {"url": "/messages", "label": "Messages"},

The messages were generated and compiled as follows (starting from the root of the project):

cd VIPSWeb
../ makemessages -a
(add Norwegian translations to po file)
../ compilemessages

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